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Self Care | Collective Care | Organisational Resilience

Self Care | Collective Care | Organisational Resilience

How do we stay healthy, inspired, resilient? What resources do we have and how do we build our resilience? What makes a resilient organisational culture? What is the organisation‘s and what the individual’s responsibility?

The basis for resilience is to learn individually and collectively to deal with stress, challenges and change. We support you in taking stock and in reflecting your work and organisational culture. Together with you, we develop suitable structures and routines to strengthen resilience and self-efficacy at all levels: in individuals, groups, teams and in the organisation as a whole.

Possible formats

  • Workshop on the theory and practice of self-care, collective care or organisational resilience; with subsequent reflection sessions
  • Consultation for organisations that want to integrate self- and staff care into their organisational and leadership culture, and support for implementation
  • Coaching on issues around self-care
  • Key notes on resilience, self- and collective care

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Team Competence

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