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Development And Change

Development And Change

How can we thoughtfully plan organisational development? How do we recognise the need for change? How do we deal with new leadership structures, team constellations or generational change in a mindful and strategic way?

With an outside perspective and a focus on topics defined by you, we analyse the status quo. We support you to define your goals and a road map for your development or change process – to start, to grow or to restructure. For more participation, diversity or self-organisation.

Possible formats

  • Organisational analysis
  • Staff surveys
  • Consultation and support for development and change processes

Identity and Strategy

Feminist Leadership Culture

Leadership Competence

Team Competence

Self Care | Collective Care |
Organisational Resilience

Self Care | Collective Care | Organisational Resilience

Conflict and Communication

Transnational Cooperation

Advocacy and Negotiation


Moderation and Facilitation

A Revolution Needs Funds

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